ICAA in conjunction with The Warren Centre approached MD to conceptualise a hero graphic for their ‘Zero Emissions Copper Mine of the Future’ Initiative.

This initiative looks at the challenges for copper mines to obtain zero emissions. This will be immense in face of falling ore quality, the difficulty of finding new, accessible deposits and growing community pressures on ‘licence to operate’.

It identifies short term, medium term and longer term technological breakthroughs and processes to move the industry to achieve this goal.

To help illustrate how to meet this goal.  ICCA required a design which embodied the brand, new and emerging technology and environmental impact.

Visit www.copper.com.au for more information.


MD workshopped the overall design ideas with key stakeholders to create a rough schematic of a typical mining operation in 2050.

The final illustration utilises the schematic as a base for the illustration, with actual mining machinery and technology elements – wrapped up in a style that showcases all aspects of the mine and its impact upon the local environment.

The illustration was created in vector format so the repurposing of elements and updates required, as changes in technology are presented, are seamless.

To help promote the initiative a simplified graphic was conceved for partner organisations to get behind and show that they are part of the program.

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