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INZ commssioned MD to rebuild their website, to reflect their status as the leading infrastructure association in NZ

Infrastructure NZ is New Zealand’s leading Infrastructure Association in NZ.

They needed a new website which captured their brand, their status and integrate with their new Microsoft CRM Association Management solution (CAMS).

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The first step of the project was to clearly define  the strategy and user map, then outline the steps required to achieve the site redevelopment. 

Based on this information we created key wireframe user journeys to ascertain that the newly proposed site will meet customers expectations and the clients objectives.

From these wireframes a few creative theme concepts were presented for review. They needed to leverage not only the brand guidelines but reflect the character of the assosiation going forward.

WordPress being the CMS of choice was established and the creation of the website was undertaken.

Training and supporting materials tailored to their web site skills was provided so the site can be easilty managed internally going forward.

Infrastructure NZ also enjoy our fully hosted and managed WordPress environment.  Ensuring that their new site is running perfectly, secure from online threats, for now and into the future.



increased value proposition


34% increased engagement


6% increase in page views.


3% drop in bounce rate

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