From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search (SEM) & Display Marketing (CPC), your business won’t be missed online. Our online marketing services make sure you are found when prospects are looking for your service or products, nurture them through the decision making process and hit them when they’re ready to buy. SEO/SEM and CPC, when integrated, can do wonders.

EasyCook Turbo Oven (SEM & CPC)

Supporting the launch of EasyCook’s latest Oven. MD developed a SEM campaign to build awareness, nurture the sales process and targeted conversions. This was done through targeted Search Marketing on Google for first place listing (and google shopping ads) for Air Fry Ovens. Tracking visitors behaviour during and after browsing offers. And targeting conversion with remarketed Display banners to finalise the program.

Format(s): HTML5 animated banners (Adwords ClickTags).

Burke’s Backyard (SEO & Analytics)

After the launch of the new Burke’s Backyard website a core objective was to build upon the traffic currently being enjoyed by this renowned brand and use the website and other methods to deduce gardening trends in Australia for future editorial direction.  MD provides custom analytics on the Burke’s Backyard website each month to supply the BBY team, simple and easy to follow reports on site, keyword, search performance and trends.  This information is used to tweak high performance pages and scope and implement site-wide SEO tactics to build traffic.

Oracle (CPC Creative and HTML5)

Markus provides MOI Global local creative support for Oracle Marketing programs in APAC.  These include HTML5 animated banners for Oracle Event support.

Format(s): HTML5 Animated banners (DoubleClick ClickTags)

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