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One key aspect to marketing food (FMCG) products is presenting inspirational and aspirational photography. Having worked in the Food industry for over 15 years marketing products such as Kikkoman’s range of Soy’s and Sauces the have an exceptional team comprising of recipe developer, chef, food stylist and photographer whose work has featured on some of Australia’s major Food magazines, not to mention our clients cookbooks and websites.

Kikkoman Australia

For over 12 years MD has worked with the team at Kikkoman to conceptualise, prepare, test, style and photograph 3 monthly recipes for the Kikkoman Kitchens program.  In addition to this MD published the kikkoman cookbook which showcased over 24 product specific recipes with photography to feature as a boutique customer booklet and interacitve eBook.



The team at MD work is currently working with EasyCook to prepare a variety of recipes for photograph and video to feature on their forethcoming website and TV.

Kenwood Australia

MD worked with Kenwood for several years managing the development and maintenance their online and offline marketing activites. Mainly focusing on their online activities and the Kenwood KClub which was concptualised, developed and maintaned by MD for several years before being managed in-house. The KClub was a subscriber based CRM program which sent customers and members monthly recipes, gift and promotions to promote Kenwood and their partners.

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