eBusiness Solutions

For over 20 years our technology team has been developing custom design eBusiness system to suit business processes where no ‘off-the-shelf’ solution exists. From Call Centre systems, intranet portals to national retail product returns systems.

We start with a discovery phase to best understand the project. User experiences are created based on a user’s device and need. Our process of auditing, UX review, user experience mapping, system design, build and support ensures you have a successful website now and into the future.

Workshopping & Scoping

First step in any eBusiness challenge to clearly define the business needs that the solution will replace. Objectives, Technology and Budgets are set to clearly define the scope and expectations. 

User mapping and UX Wire framing

We wireframe the solution users’ behaviour, by way of  interactive user journeys which provide the best paths and user experience to achive their goals for both desktop and mobile.  The wireframe are presented in an interactive presentation for precise user experiences.

UI Design and prototyping

Our approach in the User Interface is ‘best practice’ design.  A simplied, streamlined UI ensures users can interact with your solution with minimal confusion and maximum speed.  An interactive online UI per device type is presented for review and approvals.

3rd Party System Integration

Using custom API or 3rd party intemediatories we can link your solution to your website, finance system or other licensed solution.

Custom solutions on leading platforms

We manage the development of business solutions built on world leading systems such as WordPress, Shopify, Microsoft 365, Sales Force, Campaign Monitor etc…

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