Corporate & Retail Websites

We’ve been specialising in custom website design & development for over 25 years.  During the last 10 years we’ve been leveraging WordPress as the preferred public facing solution.  We now offer the best of both worlds.

We start with a discovery phase to best understand the project. Desktop and mobile user experiences are created based on a user’s device and need. Our process of auditing, UX review, user experience mapping, design, build and support ensures you have a successful website now and into the future.

Website Strategy/Audit

The foundation of  a successful website build is the strategic plan.  Outlining the business objectives, target market, existing site audit, competitor anaylis, technology systems, WCAG (accessibility) and brand review is used during the journey to achieve a successful build.

User mapping and UX Wire framing

Taking the core website users needs, we wireframe their behaviour, by way of  interactive user journeys which provide the best paths and user experience to achive their goals for both desktop and mobile.  Pages/modules are flagged based on user behaviour for dynamic content presentation based on user type.

Web Design

Using your organisation’s core brand values – site layouts are designed with a focus on best practice web design and technology (ie. SEO).  This focuses on the overall theme design and indication of creative direction.

CRM & 3rd Party System Integration

During the website audit process any third-party systems (ie. Microsoft 365, Xero, Social etc…) are evaluated to ascertian the best integration pathway to share content between the website other services.

Website Development

Inital prototyping of the site leveraging the new creative is developed.  Site is built using latest responsive methods. System integration is undertaken at this stage for a unified user experience.  Site modules are mapped to user types to present specific content relevant to a specific user.  Final WCAG reveiw,  optimisation and self management toolkit is undertaken prior to launch.

Custom Business Applications

We can create customised solutions embedded within a wordpress environment.  From Retail Returns and Contact/Call Centre systems  to Resource Libraries.  If you have the vision we have the expertise to bring it to fruition.

Wordpress training & Support

Our training and support offers existing and new staff members access to our knowledge team for future one-to-one or on-to-many training sessions and updated documentation.

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