Badlands Brewery

It’s 2020: Badlands Brewery approached MD to design their limited release ‘Decade Anniversary Stout Series‘.


“Huge thanks to Markus Dilectite for the stunning can design. We’re a finalist in this years Food & Beverage Industry Awards in the “Retail Product of the Year” category.”
Joh Styner
Head Brewer / Owner,
Badlands Brewery


Badlands Brewery was established in 2010, in Orange NSW. Leading up to their 10 year anniversary the head brewer/owner (Jon Styner) concieved  a limited edition series of four stouts – based on their reknown signature stout. 

Each beer is individually crafted to showcase local and overseas ingredients and flavours – BA D A SS was born. 

BA – Singular is just the Badlands Signature Stout

D – Duo is conditioned in a Dead Man’s Drop Rum Barrel

A – Trinity is infused with Vanuatuan Cacoa and Vanilla from the Aussie Top End.

SS – Quad is the combination of all the above.


F&B Awards

Our approach was to create a series of labels that not only look striking on their own. But came together to create a story when presented together.

The style of the labels were conceived by combining the brand’s heritage and regional feel with a strong clean design reflecting the use of aged distillery barrels. A muted signature is used to reflect the original signature stout.

The beer has also been shortlisted as a finalist at the 2020 Food & Beverage Awards.

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